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In the modern day, creating 360° product photography is important for attracting the audience to make strong purchasing decisions. Images will be captured precisely with rotation intervals for creating the 360° product image set. About 78% of online shoppers demand product images by viewing 360° product photography.

How Sellers Can Get Amazon 360° Product Photography?

Are you looking to improve your business sale of products or services on Amazon? Choosing the Amazon 360° product photography would be a great option for attracting more customers. Digital Endeavours provides an advanced 360-degree product photography service supporting the product online.

Your customers could easily click-and-drag, deep zoom the products based on their requirements. It provides the customers to rotate and view the products from all angles. Higher frames are captured in a 360 image set to get the fluid 360 product rotations.

Improved Online Shopping Experience:

Based on a recent report, more than 91% of online shoppers prefer the 360-view of products. These would provide a better accurate visual representation of the product with more information. It also stimulates the complete in-store shopping experience.

The 360° product photography is quite effective addition to the still product images. But this would automatically level up the visual information about the product. E-commerce sites such as Amazon have been introducing this option for the sellers to display the product accordingly.

360° product photography would provide better customer engagement along with interactivity. It allows the customers to zoom in and out clearly to assess exact details. For example, if a customer wants to find the accurate designs of your jewellery pieces, they can rotate and zoom in. It will be suitable for providing a better customer experience to making better buying decisions.

 Increased Conversion Rates:

Adding 360° product photography online would be helpful for a quick sale option. These are better forms of product images for gaining better visual feedback. Many Brands and retailers have been implementing 360°product photography to increase conversion rates.


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